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Supporting Aging Parents

Others may require in-home support from family members or organizations which provide these services.  Still others will need long-term care placement if their needs are too great to be met in the home.   While aging-related transitions are challenging for our elderly relatives and friends, it can also present adult children with new responsibilities and demands.

Adult children may be called to support parents in a new way.  Some say this can feel like a parent child role reversal.  Often siblings have different ideas about what is best for their parent or elderly family member.  Unfortunately, this can lead to a breakdown in communication among family members, leaving the parent who requires support in a vulnerable position.

Changing Seasons can help.  Anne has worked with older adults throughout her career.  She can facilitate a family meeting, provide counselling for your elderly parent or for adult children, at your location or hers.  Over the years, Anne has found that sometimes older adults are hesitant about talking to a family member about their concerns (and vice versa).  Both may feel a need to protect each other but need someone to help-them make sense of what's happening during this important yet often frightening life transition.

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